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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet the Pack

I decided everyone needed some awesome ID tags from  I spent a lot of time thinking about what “tagline” would be best for each dog.  All their tags have arrived, so I thought it would be a good time to introduce the dogs and their taglines.

JAMIE – tagline “BIGGIE G”

Of course, the first thing people notice about Jamie is he is BIG.  Then they usually notice how sweet he is, handsome and humble.  He was born into my hands, and I really do appreciate every day I have with him.  He weighed 1 pound, 8 ounces when he was born, and now weighs in around 156 pounds.  He is super easy going and mellow, but boy does he love a good game of tug-of-war (my husbands shoulder sockets can attest to that!) and he loves to play fetch. 

I take credit for naming Jamie, but my husband get’s credit for Jamie’s nickname.  Jamie is named after the hero in the “Outlander” book series by Diana Gabaldon.   He got his nickname because when he first moved to this house, with the HUGE backyard, he sortof lost his head.  He decided he was a “wild boy”, and didn’t need to come into the house when called. 

Our backyard is very large, has trees in the back, and is very dark at night.  Jamie being camouflaged with his brindle stripes, would “hide” when it was time to come in.    We solved this by putting a ID tag on his collar that had a motion light sensor on it, and it would flash red if it was dark and Jamie moved. 

 There were times when we would not see Jamie at all, just that glowing red light bobbling all over the yard.  Hence Travis came up with the nickname “Biggie Glow-worm” for Jamie.  It fits him to a “T”!  We quickly shortened it to BIGGIE G, and that has been his nickname ever since.  He will answer to it as readily as calling his name, or calling out “cookies!” 

REX – tagline “Chief of Security”

What else would a protection trained German Shepherd be?  Rex came to live with us this Spring at age 4 ½.  He has been a fabulous addition to the pack, and keeps us all on our toes.  He is super smart, very affectionate and very silly.   He is also super serious in his guard dog duties. 

He has the whole house to sleep in, but he chooses to put himself right in the hallway, right outside Samantha’s door.  I have to admit it is a comfort to wake up at night, and I only have to lift my head off the pillow to see Rex on duty in the hallway.  My furry Chief of Security.

BAYDEN – tagline “Throw my Ball!!”

Bayden the Beauceron is everything I could have asked for and more when I chose this breed.  She is incredibly smart, and one of the most naturally obedient dogs I’ve ever known.  She can be running full speed away from you, and you can just start to say her name.  You only get the “B” out, and she has turned on a DIME and is heading full speed back to you, no matter what she was chasing after.  Beauceron’s are herding dogs and tend to be busy and need a job to do.  Bayden has given herself the job of “official ball dog” of the household.  Her FAVORITE “binky” is her “Evil Cuz” ball.  Her favorite colors seem to be pink or orange, but she will take whatever is available.  I always have a minimum of 2 spares in the drawer at all times.  Most of Bayden’s pictures are of her 1. Holding her Ball, 2. Waiting for you to Throw her Ball 3. Catching her call, or 4. Sleeping with her ball.

SHINE – tagline “Little Light O Mine”

Oh Shine, Shine.  She is the one I struggled the most with her tagline.  SOOOO many would fit.  She has a ton of nicknames, including “turtle” “weirdo” “brown dog” and  “LBD” (little brown dog) to start with.  Also being a Sussex Spaniel, she is sometimes known as “the swiffer with legs”.  She can’t help it, but when you weigh 45 pounds, but only have 3 inch legs, and have a ton of sweeping hair, you tend to pick up “debris” to put it mildly. 

She has also been known to go outside, in August, in 100 degree heat, in the middle of a drought, and come inside SOAKING WET.  No idea how it happens.  Sussex Spaniels also have the habit of making unusual noises, snorts, grunts, snores, sniffles, so “Snorty Pondscum” was a top contender tagline as well.  Maybe I should just order them all and have her collar be a sort of “charm-bracelet” for her?!

In the end, I went with my heart and the little Sussex Spaniel, who’s Dad’s name is Spirit and her Mom’s name is Hope, and who earned the name Shine with her sparkling personality – just had to be “Little Light O Mine”.  Which I can never read without humming the tune “this little light O mine, I’m gonna make it shine……….” in my head.

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