SAUDADE - A longing for something you already have......

Pronounced "sow-dahd-jee" this word is hard to define.

It's being in a moment so wonderful that all you can do is

mourn it's passing, even as it is happening.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays

So here we are, getting ready for the holidays.  I can't believe it's December already.  I still miss Rex every day, it's been a struggle.  I am hopeful for a puppy in the Spring to get this pack up and THUNDERING again.  

We had a scare in November with Bayden becoming very ill with liver failure.  So far, we have not been able to find the cause.  However, with a lot of care, we have been able to pull her out of it and she is on the mend!  Thank goodness.

Jamie showed again in Veteran's at the Hoosier Great Dane show, also in November.  It was a little bittersweet, as it will be the last time I show him.  He has a hard time standing around on concrete floors, so I told him, once more around the ring and then you can hang up your show lead.  Here is a picture of me and Jamie, taken with my cell phone out in the parking lot of the show.

I gave myself this necklace in memory of Rex, and also got Jamie a new collar.  The Harvest from Ella's Lead  - she makes the best collars!

Here is our Christmas Card for 2012.

And I took pictures of all the dogs "helping" me with the Christmas lights.  This is the only picture I will post however, because in the other pics, Bayden and Shine looked SO disgusted with me! LOL

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rex the SuperDog 7/15/2006 – 9/26/2012

We lost a good one today.  What we all thought was a herniated disc in Rex’s back, turned out to be bone cancer, attacking his spine.  He was courageous all the way to the end.  He made his way up the stairs last night to sleep outside Samantha’s bedroom.  Just like always.  A sentry on duty.  I’m feeling very lost and lonely but I want to share a few of his last pictures.

A Vision’

I saw a glimmering vision
It took my breath away,
'Twas the silhouette of a shepherd
More regal than words can say.

The beams of light they danced
On a coat of endless black,
A vision of perfection
Atop an iron back.

He stood there like a statue
For all the world to see,
What a vision of perfection
The German shepherd can be.

The look of a noble prince
Lord of all he surveys,
Confident in himself
Eyes fixed in aristocratic gaze.

Never shall I forget
The vision I saw that day,
Of the mighty shepherd
Who took my breath away.

~ Carol Kufner



Thursday, September 6, 2012

At the Doctor's Office

I've been spending WAY to much time at the veterinarian's office lately.  Between Rex's back injury, therapy, etc, and then Jamie came up with a spot on his skin that needed to be attended to.

While we were waiting for the doctor, I took some pictures.

Jamie gets tired waiting, so of course, he took the only chair in the exam room.

Then he amused himself by checking his vision with the eye chart!

Hopefully we will not be seeing much of the vet soon.  Rex is improving on his course of crate rest and leash walking.  Jamie skin spot/infection looks better already today.

Friday, August 31, 2012

August in Indiana

No doubt about it, August in Indiana is hot and humid. Neither man nor beast does a lot during these last dog days of summer.  Here are some miscellaneous pictures of the family.  

The only major update we have is that Rex has been struck with a painful back injury.  We suspect a herniated disc.  He is on strict crate rest currently and myself and his vet are working hard to resolve this for him. Please keep him in your thoughts .


 Ye Ole Poop Scoop finally bit the dust.  Not bad, I've had it for over 10 years.

 In with the shiny new one.  I hope it lasts as long as the old one!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Black Ghost Knife Fish

Not all of our Thundering Pack has 4 legs and fur.  I finally got some decent pictures of my Black Ghost Knife Fish.  Being nocturnal, it’s hard to catch them out when there is enough light to photograph or videotape them.  Meet “Bowie”….

He is the biggest Black Ghost I have ever seen.  He is about 14 inches long, very wide, and still growing.  He is in a 75 gallon tank, with a large Black Angel fish and a large RedCap Oranda.  I also have a few Cory Cats and Black Skirt Tetras in there.

I have always admired Black Ghost Knife fish.  They are a nocturnal fish from the Amazon River basin.  They are black with a wide white blaze down their face, which extends along their back, and a white, randomly spotted tail.  Their faces remind me very much of a dog, or dolphin.


 My first Black Ghost, Casper, lived 15 years.  He also survived moving to three different houses.  Casper was approx 10 inches long when he was 15.  He was only a tiny guy, about 3 inches long, when I brought him home from the fish store.  Overall, BG are peaceful fish, despite their size.  They can be difficult to raise, but with a little consideration for their needs, they do well.  Being nocturnal, their number one requirement is a safe, dark, place to hide.  The other special thing I do for my Ghosts is to feed them sinking pellets, via a “tube”.  I have a 36” section of clear riser tube.  (The kind you see on undergravel filters.)  I put the tube near the opening of his cave and drop the pellets down.  This keeps other fish from eating the Ghost’s food, and I always feed them at night with the lights off.  They have all eaten like this immediately and heartily.  I feed Hikari Lionhead pellets, sinking variety.  The quality of this food is outstanding. 

Trying to force a BG to stay out in the open will result in a very unhappy and most likely dead, fish.  They spend most of the day in their “cave”, but become very active at night.  They have a caudal fin that runs the length of their bodies, and they can maneuver forwards/backwards/sideways and upside down smoothly and easily.   

You want to avoid having any tank mates that will compete with your BG for his hiding spot.

The Black Ghost is definitely a fish for someone who appreciates their unique character and beauty, when the fish grants you the pleasure of them coming out so you can see them!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


You say it's your Birthday?
 It's my Birthday too ya!

Rex and I have the same birthday, July 15!  
Okay, the year might be different, but the same day.