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Friday, July 22, 2011

A surprisingly good book for the novice Dane owner....

I just had a birthday and one of my gifts was a book on Great Danes.  (From Jamie!  Apparently he thought the Dane on the front looked like him.)  Anyway, I was not expecting a lot from it, as it's one of those "A Complete Pet Owner's Manual".  Typically these books are sold in pet stores and the text is usually pretty generic and each "breed book" has the same text, and the only difference in the books are the breed-specific photos.

This is the book I received.  I went ahead an started reading and was pleasantly surprised.  All the chapters are very Dane-Specific and do a very good job of preparing the first time Dane owner for the joys and challenges of owning a dog the size of a pony.  IE: not only are you going to have loogies on the ceiling, but you better have a plan for carrying/transporting a dog this large if he ever gets injured or sick.

The recurring theme of the book is "giant dogs bring giant responsibilities", which is something I always try to stress to people who ask questions out in public.  I really like how they stress that Great Danes must be a part of the family, and you get back what you put into the relationship.   Of course the book is not perfect, but overall I'd reccomend it to anyone who is considering adding a Great Dane to their family.

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