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Pronounced "sow-dahd-jee" this word is hard to define.

It's being in a moment so wonderful that all you can do is

mourn it's passing, even as it is happening.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Police K9 Demo!

A few weeks ago, the Town of Fishers had their Freedom Festival.  Samantha and I went to see the sights, share a snow cone, and we also got to see a police K9 Demonstration.  The Hamilton County Police K9’s gave a demo of their obedience, drug detection and man-stopping skills.  It was a thrill to see these dogs in action, in person.

Please excuse my video quality here.  These were taken with my old (now dead) digital camera.  The videos were shot at high noon, and the camera did not handle the glare from the cars very well.  The videos ended up looking like they were shot in 1960!  LOL

This is a Malinois, showing what happens if the officer is attacked and uses the automatic car door.


Next we have an awesome sable German Shepherd Dog, doing a “car extraction”.

And last is another Malinois, showing off his take-down skills.

The rest of these are a few still shots of some of the other demos, and one of the trailing Bloodhounds.  (what a big sweetie!)

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