SAUDADE - A longing for something you already have......

Pronounced "sow-dahd-jee" this word is hard to define.

It's being in a moment so wonderful that all you can do is

mourn it's passing, even as it is happening.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Dog Days of Autumn

They really should call October "the dog days", because seriously, is there any better time of year for a dog? Sunny, cool, the days still long enough to enjoy and oh the gorgeous colors.

I guess technically I missed October's post, but better late than never?

We tried to do plenty of walks and park visits.  We had a lovely walk at Potters Bridge, the only covered bridge in our county.

Samantha has the head tilt down better than the dog!

We did some training, both obedience and dock diving skills.

And I tried to get a picture of Jamie and Varick playing with a big stick together.  Varick took it as an opportunity to play keep away.  Check out his "nana nana boo boo" attitude! Jamie can still keep up with him though, even at almost 9 1/2 years old.

Next time you'll get him Jamie!

And I was able to catch a nice fall portrait of Varick, on my lunch hour today.  If the leaves and the weather hold, I'll try to get them all out under this tree.

It's all coming to an end soon.  We change the clocks this weekend!  EEEK 

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