SAUDADE - A longing for something you already have......

Pronounced "sow-dahd-jee" this word is hard to define.

It's being in a moment so wonderful that all you can do is

mourn it's passing, even as it is happening.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not another Puppy Post?!

  So Varick has been with us for almost three weeks now!  He has grown so much in such a short time.  He has his "big boy" ears as of yesterday.  Wow time flies when you are having fun, and chasing after a puppy on the go.  "Constant Vigilance!" is the name of the game.  

I can honestly say that in my opinion, a puppy is more work than a newborn baby!  Babies don't arrive home with four legs, and a spunky attitude :)

Actually Varick has been a wonderful puppy and he is firmly a part of our family now.  Can't imagine our days without him.  I do love this puppy!

He is doing fabulous with his little introduction to obedience.  Lots of treats and encouragement while he figures out what I want him to do.  It's practically his favorite part of day.  

He has been to the vet for his shots and then went back last week for his microchip.  Didn't even make a peep for the chip!

He visited with my Mom's 10 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel today.  After their initial meeting, they became wrestle buddies.  Look out Bella, Varick is only 11 weeks old, and growing!!

The other dogs are getting along well with him also, although they do seem to view him as the bratty little brother.

And lastly, his 11 week old picture, and yes, both Samantha and Varick have their eyes closed!

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