SAUDADE - A longing for something you already have......

Pronounced "sow-dahd-jee" this word is hard to define.

It's being in a moment so wonderful that all you can do is

mourn it's passing, even as it is happening.

Monday, January 2, 2012

How do you know it's time to let go?

That is a question a lot of us dog owners face.  It's a sad fact that our pups are never around long enough.  But I'm having a similar feeling about my trusty old van!  This green 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan and I have been through a lot.  Honestly, I'd just like to keep it forever, but it's getting up there in mileage at 125,000+.  The smart part of me says I should sell it while it's still got some value.  The emotional side says "aack!" "Keep it!"

This van has been to countless numbers of dog shows.  The dogs and I hitting the road, excited anticipation of seeing friends, hotels, dinners out, and competition.  The culmination of all the training, grooming, practicing, planning.  Sometimes we drove home humbled in defeat, vowing to do better next time.  Other times we literally flew home on wings of glee, huge blue First Place Rosettes hanging from the rear-view mirror, dancing in the wind of the air conditioner vents.

We've been to: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennesee, Georgia, Oaklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota.  Great Dane Nationals, Beauceron Nationals, Italian Greyhound Nationals, Sussex Spaniel Nationals.  Whippet Racemeets, Lure courses, Flyball Tournaments, Obedience competitions, Agility Trials, Frisbee competitions.  All good times with fantastic memories.

Bayden at the Beauceron Nationals in Liberty, MO in 2007.

Camping in Wisconsin with Sarah, where she finished her Championship. We had something like 7 or 8 Danes with us at our campsite.
(Green van on the far right)

Our home away from home......

Bayden at her first show in Lebanon, IN.  (First place)

The day I picked up Rex, Feb 11, 2011.

Sadly, this van was also where I let Dijon go to heaven.  I brought him out of the vet's office and into the van so he would be with me, and in the van where we had so many good times together.  He was my road buddy and always sat like a person in the front passenger seat.

The van drives like a dream in the snow.  No worries if we were going to make it to our destination!

This photo was taken at our wedding, June 2, 2007.

This van brought our baby girl home from the hospital.

And to Daycare.....

Family Trips

To the park........

Sooo many happy memories......

What to do....what to do.......  I think I'll take some advise from Scarlett O'Hara, and "I'll think about it tomorrow"........

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